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HOPE 2021

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HOPE 2021

What is HOPE 2021?

When we decided to answer the call to create the HOPE 2021 online community, we wanted to create a digital space where individuals could develop skills and learn about how to get to know themselves on a deeper level and reflect on where they are and where they want to go in 2021 - and beyond.

What is the HOPE 2021 community?

Some of us are great at goal setting and visioning our future. Some of us need a little extra help.

The HOPE 2021 online community will be a space where you will learn practical skills on how to reflect on your priorities, how to listen to your inner voice, how to reconnect to others, nature, our environment, and harness the power that is already in you, waiting to come out.


Through short media clips, that you can complete at your own pace, you will create a dynamic visioning board to record where you’ve been, where you are and where you hope to go in 2021 and beyond.


Along the way, we will also share meditations, rituals, templates and reflections to support you in this process.


Also, this isn’t just for January – these aren’t new year’s resolutions we are talking about here. This online community will be there for you throughout the year, checking in on your progress and sharing ways to refine and adjust our goals as we move through the year.


Kristy & Randi


HOPE 2021



We are sisters from Durham Region, Ontario, Canada. Our shared vision/purpose is to help others become the best version of themselves. Kristy is an RMT and a shamanic practitioner. Randi is transitioning from a career in education and is completing her studies to become a registered psychotherapist.


We believe that through connection, with others, with nature, and with ourselves, we can discover who we are and our life’s purpose. Once we know who we are, we can shine our light to help others discover their own uniqueness, purpose and power.

Randi Micklewright

My passion for helping and supporting others has taken me down many paths.


After working in the education sector for 14 years, I am now pursuing a new path of helping others in the counselling context. I am currently a student in the Masters of Arts in Counselling Program at Yorkville University, already having a Masters of Child Study and Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education as well as a Degree in Psychology from Trent University.


I look forward to working with others who are looking for support in finding vitality, hope, and encouragement even during tough times. 


Kristy Micklewright

 I have been interested in holistic healing and the mind body connection since my young adulthood.

 I sought a grounding in how the body works through my BSc in Kinesiology and Phys Ed from Wilfrid Laurier University and when I enrolled in massage therapy school at Sutherland Chan in Toronto, I realized my true purpose of being a healer. During my 12 years as a RMT, I have explored various healing modalities; reflexology, craniosacral therapy, massage therapy, reiki...and more. More recently, I have begun studying shamanic healing.

I am lit up to share my knowledge with those who are looking to dig deeper into the connections between mind, body, spirit and soul.  

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