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Shamanic Healing

Healing through spirit 



Shamanic Healing is a profound way to bring healing to you through accessing the spirit world and ancient healing methods. This can manifest as healing for the physical, mental, emotional and soul parts of ourselves. I completed a 1-year Shamanic practitioner training program with Daniel Leonard, from the Medicine Circle and am now currently studying with him in a  2-year advanced program.


Shamanic healing sessions involve ancient methods of healing using drumming, rattling and journeying.

The session typically begins with getting clear on your intentions and an oracle card reading. As each session is unique and guided by intuition and connection to your highest good, the session may include:

Power Animal Retrieval

Soul Retrieval 

Soul Remembering

Ancestral Healing

Channeled Personal Ritual Practice to aid your healing

Energy Clearing and Balancing

After the oracle card reading, you will be reclined comfortably and in a relaxed state as I use the healing tools and methods that are for your highest good at that time. Safety, communication and consent are always foremost and every method or tool I use will be explained and consented to.  At the end of the session, we will share and debrief that healings and messages that have come through for you.



I use this tool to remove energetic blocks on all levels of your being.



I use this tool to bring healing energy to all levels of your being.

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